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I find myself so frequently saying, "I need to find balance in my life!" 
So, I explored the idea of balance & what I felt would help me find & feel more balanced.  Being a former runner, dancer & a current yoga teacher, I decided it was time to CREATE the balance I wanted by finding a way to better incorporate these practices into my life.
Here is where I chronicle my journey to balance.

7.12.11 One of my goals this year is to get back into running & run a half-marathon race. So today I began my training! I have 12 weeks to prepare. 
I got my run in during the morning due to high expected temps today.  
haven't run in months, so it was a little less than easy
My thoughts as I ran?
"I run. I run. I run. I don't walk. I'm a runner, I run. hot. breathe. make it to the next mailbox, awesome. see? I run! I am a runner! shoe's untied. don't trip. i run, i don't trip. i run..."
~You get the idea~

I've also found some lovely apps through itunes to help keep me on track.

This one gives you an individual training plan based on your abilities and what you want to train for!

This one lets you to log your runs allowing for distance, time, notes, effort, & more. Also shows you your averages per week & month.

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