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Sewing Project #2 - cute little bag

Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule in her book, Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures, I chose her pattern for the "Treasure Bag".

Gathering my materials
After cutting several strips of muslin 2"x5", I used the stamps to measure out the space.
To prevent the stamp from getting all goopy with fabric paint, instead of painting the paint directly onto the stamp I decided to use a small paint brush to brush on a small layer of fabric paint onto a plastic lid. 
This allowed a reasonable amount of paint to sit on the stamp.

You can see how clearly the letters came out
I couldn't resist making a few more. I had a feeling I was going to love this little project & want to make more than just one bag.
I just love burlap, don't you? 
I couldn't resist making my first little bag out of it.  Somewhere I had read about a great way to help cut a straight line out of burlap (If I find the link I will post it). 
You find one string of the burlap & pull it out. This will leave a straight line to cut along.
I'll admit, it was a little more of a project than I expected (it doesn't just pull right out), but look at the amazing results! 
A very straight line indeed!
A straight line is created by pulling a thread from the burlap.
I sewed the "read" stamped fabric to a piece of 7"x7" scrap fabric.
Then I sewed this piece to the burlap, folded it - right sides together, & sewed the sides of the burlap.
After turning it right side out again, I added bias tape to the top with a zig-zag stitch.
A couple things here, (1) I have never used bias tape, (2) tricky, hmmm..., (3) I didn't measure correctly so I ended up with a inch on the back of the bag with no bias tape, (4) next time I cut the bias tape only after I was finished adding it :) Much better results!
I used ribbon for the handle. You can see how amateur my zig-zag is - there is no denying that this is a handmade product!
Voila! I love it, my kids love it, and we are all so proud of mama! I love that they got to see their mom through the whole process of setting a goal, getting an idea, learning, & creating a finished product/project!
{f.y.i. - Nearly everyday since I finished this they've been talking about their own "projects", what they are creating next, and the types of materials they need. Love it!}
Onto the next bag! I am making 2 bags out of window screening (Amanda Blake Soule's idea).
Stitching on the stamped muslin piece
Checking the placement of the fabric square prior to stitching it all up

Stitching the fabric to the front of the screen

Here are the finished products! 
On the left we have a bag that will be used to carry our books back & forth to the library. 
On the right we have gift bags.
The "create" bag was filled with artsy-craftsy supplies.
The "play" bag was filled with trucks for the sand box. My hope is that the screen will allow for sand to easily shake out.

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