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A place for busy people to find inspiration, nurture their creative spirit, & CREATE the life they want to live. Make a date to CREATE today!


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Art Wagon

CREATE more opportunities to CREATE!
We love to CREATE outside & I want my kids to feel like it's easy to CREATE anywhere!
I also want it to be easily accessible, portable, & inexpensive for me & my family...
So, to do this I created the ART WAGON! 
Instead of lugging all of our supplies in & out of the house by hand we just use the wagon!
Using a wagon we already had (or you can get one through Craigslist) & supplies around the house, the cost is $0!  The ART WAGON is always stocked & ready to go whenever we want to head outside for some creative fun! You can fill it with whatever supplies you want.
Here is a list of basics that we usually have inside of ours.

Art Wagon Supplies:
~ different sizes, shapes, & colors of paper &/or stretched canvas
~ variety of paint brushes
~ variety of paints
~ colored pencils
~ sketch book(s)
~ jugs of water for rinsing brushes, cups, & people
~ cups/bowls/styrofoam trays for the paint
~ metal/wire basket(s) for containing items outside of the wagon when creating
~ wood, rocks, nature items (to paint on or sketch)
~ drop cloth just in case (we get the vinyl/cloth table cloths at the end of the season when they're on sale)
~ easel, sometimes our smaller, table top, easel fits but most of the time someone carries it out by hand
~ anything else you can think of! We add to & subtract from the wagon all the time.

Everyone can help with bringing out the Art Wagon!
Just a glimpse at what's in our wagon today
It doesn't take long for the easel(s) to be set up, paint to be poured, & the creating to begin.
When you are creating outside it's easy for artists to take a little nature break in the midst of their creating.  Who knows what kind of inspiration they may find while climbing a rock, dancing in the grass, or playing amongst the trees!
These artists discover an interesting moth they've never seen before while taking a nature break.
This artist is inspired to paint a picture of the moth!
 The Art Wagon is always nearby with any needed supplies.
The Moth & Fire Engine
Castle At Sunset
"These are mountains at sunset behind a castle.  The sun is going down so the mountains look reddish. Sometimes they look purple when the sun is up. The yellow spots are the sparkling sun beams - you know how you can see that sometimes?" (artist quote)

I'd love to hear from you about your outdoor creating adventures!

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