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Dessert: Dragon Fruit

CREATE an easy, unique, & delicious dessert

Have you ever noticed the interesting exotic fruit at your local grocery store?
Well, from time to time we like to bring these home to try for dessert.
Today we have...
Dragon Fruit!
No doubt the name itself is quite exciting.
Of course, once we were home we had no idea how you're supposed to cut, eat, & serve this lovely pink food. So, we went to the internet. Below you will see all the steps.
1st - Cut it in half
Surprise! All white with little black seeds inside! We weren't expecting that!
2nd - Scoop out the flesh.
3rd - Dice it up & serve right inside the skin!

It has subtle flavor that resembles a kiwi fruit (or, at least, that's what we thought)


(What exotic grocery store fruits have you tried? - Please share)

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